Spiritual activities are undoubtedly essential for finding a connection between oneself and his/her higher self. This sacred connection has an impact on our holistic well-being. However, when practiced and followed in a group, these activities have greater impact on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. The trinity of mind, body and soul is a part of the whole practice and as responsible human beings it should be our prime responsibility to take care of this highest form of life bestowed on us. At Shree Kalyanika Ashrams, we realized the power of the spiritual activities that are based on the Yoga and Vedanta principles and have therefore introduced certain programs and activities based on the same.



One of the major obstructions to living a spiritual life is laziness (alasya). The inappropriate lifestyle in this modern era has led to multifaceted epidemics such as depression, anxiety, obesity, restlessness, etc. All these problems can be averted by altering our sedentary lifestyle. The routine followed at the Ashram not only helps in overcoming these problems but inculcates moral and spiritual values that are indispensable for the transformation of a human. The residents of the Ashram are inspired to follow nishkam karma yoga preached by Lord Krishna. The routine followed in the Ashrams is mentioned below:

4.00 am Wake up
5.15 am Aarati
5.30 am Yoga classes
6.30 am Breakfast
7.30 am Geeta patha, Vishnu sahasranaam
8.00 am Self study in library
10.30 am Lunch
11.30 am Sewa karya
2.00 pm Tea
4.30 pm Gardening
5.30 pm Aarti
6.00 pm Dinner
7.00 pm Naam sankirtan (chanting & discourses)
8.30 pm Deep visarjan (time to sleep)



We strongly believe that life is meant to be celebrated. In order to celebrate each moment of life and make it worthwhile ceremonies, festivals and celebrations are encouraged. These auspicious occasions also render us opportunities to form strong bonds with fellow beings and spread the vibrations of peace,joy and harmony in the universe. Further, these festivities are glorified by the benign presence of Guruji. Apart from these, various other events are also conducted in which people irrespective of their religious and racial backgrounds take part.

List of events and ceremonies:

  • Guru Poornima
  • Holi Mahotsav
  • Nava-ratri
  • Deepawali
  • Acarya Shri Chandra Navami
  • Shree Krishna Janamashtami
  • Shree Ram Navami



Spiritual Discourse

An effective and spiritual discourse paves the path for seekers to realize their full potential. The Ashram conducts these discourses with the help of eminent speakers and saints on spiritual texts like Upanishdas, Gita, Shreemad Bhagavatam, etc. The issues experienced by seekers at various levels are also discussed during the sessions.




The Ashram offers yoga courses based on the philosophy – Ashtanga Yoga; a system proposed by maharishi Patanjali. Yoga is a practice that helps balance the body. One can experience liberation and rejuvenation of body, mind and soul through yoga in a short period of time. The Ashram is also well known across India for its yoga retreats.


Meditation Retreats

There are many meditation retreats offered at the Ashrams in India. One of them is Dhyana Praveshika which means entering the meditative state. It is a methodology that leads to the meditative state. Dhyana is described as constant unidirectional flow of awareness towards our divine nature by Patanjali Yoga Sutra. This meditation retreat makes you experience the wondorous meditative state which is equivalent to experiencing heaven on earth.