Shree Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam Ashram is the honest and sincere effort of visionary yogi Param Pujya Tapaswi Baba Kalyan Das ji of Almora, Uttrakhand, India who wants to share the fruits of his life long devotion that he attained with his fellow human beings. Followed by certain divine incidences that shaped the rest of his life, at age 12, he surrendered himself to the revered master Paramhamsa Swaroop Das ji and left home to begin his journey towards self realization. After reaching his destination and attaining wisdom, Baba Kalyan Das Ji decided to return to his fellow beings, to help them recognize the divine path of self actualization.

About Us

With the ultimate goal to educate and uplift spiritual lives of people, Babaji decided to start with laying the foundations of Shree Kalyan Sewa Ashram in the year 1978 in Amarkantak, the birth place of the holy river Narmada and a home to many tribes.

Our Ashrams are based on Kalyan Das Babaji's teachings of vedic mythology and the sanatana tradition, with the primary objective of restoring the balance of life and enabling all to make the most of this human form. Each one situated in an environment that triggers the potentialities of a human being. The Ashram in Almora that sits in the lap of the Himalayas, is focused on teaching the Vedic methodology that is critical and imperative for living a balanced and healthy life. The Ashram came into existence after pujya babaji had a vision of mother goddess Bhagvati during his second visit to the holy abode of Lord Shiva, Kailash Mansarovar. As per the Sanatana tradition, a human being is responsible for the circumstances he/she creates and thus by being aware about this truth he/she can create a life of fulfilment. The Ashram is situated in the heart of nature which in itself is a great teacher and a master of the art of balance.

The Ashram welcomes every spiritual seeker with open arms. The center along with its in-built temple demonstrates the architectural excellence in the form of the Shree Yantra; believed to bring in peace and prosperity. A group of five temples viz. the temples of Lord Ganpati, Shiva, Vishnu, Hanuman and Mother Goddess Bhagvati are built in the vicinity of Shree Kalyanika Ashram, adding to its glory. Apart from their captivating beauty, these temples help in setting up a conducive environment vital for following spiritual practices.

Various meditational retreats, courses and events are carried out at the Ashram, which promise eternal bliss, joy and peace through consistent practice. One of the prominent meditational retreats practiced at the center is the "Dhyana Praveshika" which means entering the meditative state. The retreat basically emphasizes on turning inwards and reminding yourself of who you are and what is the purpose of your life. The other courses include Yoga and Vedanta that focuse on complete alteration of ones lifestyle, leading to living a life of transformations and happiness.

Kalyanika Community

Shree Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam carries out its objective of a worldwide revival of spirituality through:

• Publication of educational material that deals with all the aspects of Yoga and Vedanta
• Universal religion and philosophy
• Study and practice of ancient medicine
• Arranging cultural and spiritual conferences and discourses
• Establishing training centres for the practice of Yoga

The Shri Kalyanika Community aims to do the following:
• Run community development programs in remote areas
• Eradicate inhumane social practices through education
• Provide employment to the native tribes
• Empower women to uplift the overall household conditions
• Impart moral values and eradicate alcohol abuse