(Education has been identified as one of the prime factors for the growth of the human civilization. It makes the further development easy as it gives an insight of what has been achieved on a particular area.).

Shree Kalyanika Himalaya Dew Sthanam works for the redemption of the education techniques based on the ancient education system of India known as- Gurukulam. The education should not just remain as a source of information but it should also work towards the overall development of the individual. The idea is to ignite the love for wisdom within the individual.Apart from the schools working at the elementary level, the Ashram is also looking at building and developing a community of students and teachers who think that the current education system needs to be revived. The success of the modern education system counts on the individual's ability to earn money.This clearly shows that it doesn't include the rest of the values which are also very important in order to bring out the overall development of a being. Shree Kalyanika Education Society aims at achieving the multidimensional growth of the students associated by practicing the four fold value system of human religion, material growth, fulfillment of desires and liberation.

1. The Gurukulam- established in the year 2006, Shree Kalyanika Veda Vedanga Sanskrit Vidya Peetham is an in-house residential facility equipped with all the modern amenities. This is a first Gurukulam of its kind where the Vedic and yogic education is given to the students along with the education of computer and English. The aim is to provide education to the underprivileged class of the society.
2. Kalyanika Village schools- in order to educate the children of the remote areas the Ashram opened its first village school in the year 2006.

The Ashram provides nutritious and satvik food recommended by the Ayurveda to all of its inmates as well as visitors.

In ancient India the presence of cows was mandatory in each and every household because of its usefulness; today also the cows hold the key position when it comes to the development of the rural areas. The new discoveries show that even the cow wastes such as cow urine possesses many therapeutic qualities. So the Ashram serves cows in order to promote the cow rearing in the locality which is highly undeveloped and the inmates as well as the visitors. Currently the Ashram has a Goshala (cow shed) with the capacity of around 40 cows.

There are many factors in the nature which keeps the environment surrounding us viable for the living beings, the most important being the presence of oxygen and the temperature of the environment and both these factors are determined by the presence of trees. The Himalayas are the home for many such species of flora which should be preserved in order to restore the conditions responsible for the current and viable form of the environment. The scientific researches confirm that the presence of trees in Himalayan region can save the world from the adversities of the threats like Global Warming and many of these problems related to the nature. Keeping that in mind the Ashram initiates and manages many programs ranging from planting tress, arranging environment awareness camps, seminars on the effect of depleting environmental conditions, initiatives to keep the area free of polythene. The Ashram plants thousands of trees every year to keep the surroundings green. Many visitors attend these programs and take a vow of keeping their home- the earth clean and green.

Pujya Tapaswi Baba Kalyan Das Ji Maharaj says that the service rendered to a living being is the true service offered to God so the Ashram strives towards attaining excellence in the field of social welfare programs. Along with the Schools and Gurukulam the Ashram also works with the children who dropped out of schools, guide these students and help them in resuming their education. Ashram provides free of cost residential and tuition facilities to these students. The Ashram conducts many activities such as organizing cultural events, training and health camps,through Kalyanika Community. Shree Kalyan Sewa Ashram runs a fully equipped Charitable Hospital to benefit the tribes of Amarkantak and does free of cost surgeries with the help of an International health society named 'Holland Inter Plast'.
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