The Ashram provides lodging and food facilities to the seekers and visitors who want to take part in the Ashram activities. The Ashram provides double bedded fully furnished rooms with hot water facility. The Ashram has an in house mess with a capacity of 120 people. The Ashram serves satvik vegetarian food twice in a day, breakfast in the morning and tea twice in a day. For accommodation please contact the Ashram Management at least 20 days prior to your visit.

Shree Chandracharya Library was established in the year 1997. The Library has a collection of over ten thousand books covering topics on spirituality and various other subjects. It not only serves the educational purpose of the students residing in the Ashram but also benefits the visitors and seekers. It has a unique collection of all the four Vedas along with the commentaries.

Meditation Hall
Himalayas serene environment helps a seeker in his quest of realizing the ultimate. Keeping that in mind a meditation hall with a capacity of around 300 people was built in the year 2006 to practice the meditative technique- Dhyana Praweshika – an ancient meditative technique evolved during years of penance and sadhana by Pujya Babaji. Snow clad Himalayan Mountain range is clearly visible from the hall which makes the experience worthwhile.

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