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Wriitten by shrikalyanika
“Tadvidhi pranipatena pari prashnena sevayah
Updeshyanti te ganam gayaninastatvadarshinah”

- You are a divine being, full of divinity, eternally beautiful and unfettered amidst the chaos created by the constant material movement.

Shraddha, we may call it submission or devotion, is the main ingredient for the spiritual ascension as it simply transforms you into a disciple. The process of transformation of a seeker into a disciple is known as Shraddha. It is spontaneous as it opens your pores making you receptive and the day you became a disciple you would not have to look for a Master or a Guru anymore, the Guru himself will find you. It is about simplification of your complex personality plagued by the egoistic tendencies. He who is not simple inside may not be able to transform into a disciple. Shraddha prepares the ground for Sadhana, like an earnest farmer who ploughs the fields before sowing seeds to ensure a good crop. In the same fashion, Shraddha also prepares the inner atmosphere for Sadhana to happen by transforming you form within. Shraddha acts like a bridge between a Guru and a disciple. Like Shabri did not have to wander for a Master, she just became a disciple and the Master chose her. There are innumerable instances like this, where the Guru finds the worthy disciple.

Krishna knows it all, so he says that if you really want to know, if you are curious enough then you must benevolently bow in front of the Masters. For it is only then they realize that you are ready and this readiness transforms you. It makes you disappear at once. You are no more the same person that you were. Its like a magnet which moves a piece of iron without doing anything, it just needs the inner alignment which happens in this case due to Shraddha. This inner alignment is spontaneous, comes as grace as the Master is full of divine wisdom and energy, and wants to give all what he has.

Once you transform into a disciple then the Master would not have to do anything. His sheer presence will transform you, like sheer presence of the Sun transforms water into cloud, transforms buds into flowers. Sheer presence, then, will satisfy all your queries and this satisfaction will give you immense pleasure. So Krishna says forget yourself and surrender completely and rest will follow. But remember, Krishna makes it very simple and there it becomes very difficult for the modern mind to comprehend as it thrives in complexity. You may succumb to this simplicity and become victim of your own knowledge that is based on the false identity, which you assume yourself to be, and this false identity may not let you accept the truth very easily. Your ego would discard it as non-sense and put up a question that how this could be possible as there is no adventure or there is no feat to achieve, and your Ego wants achievements. So Ego and shraddha could not co-exist. Sheer presence of Shraddha is like a death warrant to the Ego. Once darkness went to Brahma and lodged a complaint against light that light keeps chasing her and never let her have a moment of happiness. She was questioning about her wrong doings, and was curious to know why the light is after her all the time. Brahma thought indeed she has not done anything offending towards light and contemplated why he is after her – he summoned light and the moment light, arrived darkness disappeared. Brahma narrated the whole sequence and asked the reason for his behavior. Light replied that he does not know anything about darkness; that he has never seen her and is completely unaware of her existence. Such is the relation of Shraddha with Ego. Her very presence causes Ego to disappear; your Ego could not stand Shraddha even for a second. So beware and do not succumb.

This inner alignment is like an alchemy that transforms you completely. This opens, for you, the doors of eternal happiness and joy. It cleans your eyes for better vision and prepares you for a new perception. You feel connected with the entire Universe through your soul, which is your very essential nature, and this connection is “Maha-Rasa”. Yogis describe this ecstatic state as “Samadhi”. You attain utmost awareness and observe even the most minute details of that which is the very essence of your being. Krishna is a Guru, behaves like a friend and acts like a psychologist; Krishna also acts as a thief who steals all of your miseries and makes you free. Through Shraddha, he wants you to simplify yourself, through Shraddha he wants you to unwind yourself and enjoy the divine existence.

Brahmachary Vishweshwaranand

Shri Kalyanika Himalaya Dev Sthanam.
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