The Ashram takes you through a spiritual voyage where one observes a life based on the principles of Yoga and Vedanta. The Ashram follows a routine which eliminates the supreme hindrance to the spiritual life i.e. laziness (alasya). The modern lifestyle has brought out many physical as well as mental problems such as restlessness, depression, obesity; anxiety etc. and these conditions can easily be altered by just changing the sedentary life style which we are habituated to. The Ashram routine also inculcates the spiritual and moral values which transforms human into superhuman. The nishkam karma yoga proposed by lord Krishna works as an inspiration to all of the residents of the Ashram.
4.00 am Wake up
5.15am Aarati
5.30 am Yoga classes
6.30 am Breakfast
7.30 am Geeta patha, Vishnu sahasranaam
8.00 am Self study in library
10.30am Lunch
11.30am Sewa karya
2.00pm Tea
4.30 pm Gardening
5.30 pm Aarti
6.00 pm Dinner
7.00 pm Naam sankirtan (chanting & discourses)
8.30 pm Deep visarjan (time to sleep)

The celebration of the various festivals are the integral part of the human life. These festivals not only help us in maintaining the existing relations but also provide us an opportunity to create new social bonding which is highly essential in today's world where the hatred is prevalent and seems to be occupying the central stage in our hearts. So in order to keep with the changing social scenario the celebration of various festivals has become all the more important. The Ashram takes part in these celebrations and uses them as an effective tool to achieve social harmony. The benign presence of Pujya Babaji makes the celebrations worthwhile. Apart from the festivals Ashram also conducts many events in which many people with different religious and racial backgrounds take part.

List of events and ceremonies

Spiritual Discourse
Our surrounding environment is filled with positive and negative thoughts, our mind remains under continuous bombardment of those thoughts, so in order to be able to remain unaffected one should have the inner thought process of his own and that can only be done by a proper and able guidance. The Ashram provides such an opportunity by conducting spiritual sessions with the eminent saints and speakers to deliver lectures on various spiritual texts such as Gita, Upanishadas, Shreemad Bhagavatam, Patanjali Yoga Sutras etc. to lighten the path of seekers by prescribing the most effective style of spiritual practice. These programs also address the issues experienced by the seekers at various levels.

The Yoga philosophy is based on the Ashtanga yoga system proposed by maharshi Patanjali. There are eight limbs of yoga mentioned in this system- yama, niyama, asana, pranayam, pratyahar, dharana, dhyana, Samadhi. These eight limbs are actually the steps towards the higher goal or value of life. The Yoga philosophy believes that Atman(soul) the vital force behind the apparent self which remains unaffected even after the expiration of the body because the body is a product of the reaction of organic material but the energy which is known as atman is the energy which takes different forms and actually the reflection of that supreme force.
The Yoga camps making the eight limbs of the yogic system prescribed by Maharshi Patanjali as the basis of the teachings are held in the Ashram. The Ashram offers yoga courses for the practitioners of various levels through out the year.

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